Migraine contributes to the development of heart attack and stroke

Women suffering migraine at greater risk of developing severe cardiovascular disease. Compared with those not plagued by bouts of severe headaches, they often occur heart attacks heart and strokes. Also elevated cardiovascular risk. This is indicated by the study Nurses’ Health Study II, described in the journal of the Britisch Medical Journal (The BMJ). Scientists from Germany (charité, Berlin) and… More →

High blood pressure: can help eating right?

High or even too high blood pressure most people notice not immediately. Initially it causes complaints and even, especially at a young age, it would seem has the ability to add vitality. In the morning the person wakes up immediately alert, and in the evenings to work much longer.


One of the most frequent complaints with which patients consult physicians, pain syndrome. The doctor’s task is not only to eliminate the pain, but the reason for its occurrence In modern medicine the most effective method of treatment of pain syndrome is considered a medical blockade. To master his doctors began quite recently – only about a hundred years ago,… More →