The use of oxygen chambers: reliable products for the recovery

Barotherapy is carried out in many countries since the mid-twentieth century. On the territory of the United States, Japan, South Korea has long created high quality and functional oxygen chamber for oxygenation. This medical equipment is a bit like a submarine with a small window and a different specific effect on the human body. Especially attractive original chamber Japanese and… More →

Medical devices for everyday life

Medical equipment for home use greatly facilitates the life of people, allowing you to monitor the health status and monitor key performance indicators of the body: blood pressure, glucose levels, level of blood oxygen saturation, temperature. It is very convenient, especially for those who have diseases that require constant monitoring of these indicators. There are also a number of medical… More →

TOP 3 most effective masks against hair loss

There are many masks for hair loss, created on a natural basis. Back in the old days when there were no shampoos and conditioners women used natural ingredients to strands were strong, soft and silky. Experience has adopted over the years, and today, these masks have not lost relevance. And sometimes, even professional hairdressers suggest to use for hair care,… More →

Scientists have advanced understanding of Parkinson’s disease

In patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, with time, increase motor dysfunction. Scientists have been searching for the cause of the disease, but still are unable to fully unravel this mystery. They believe only that in the body of patients do not have enough dopamine. This adversely affects the basal ganglia, located under the cerebral cortex, its deep structures and nerve… More →