“Deafening love” – the famous drug “Viagra” can cause hearing loss

The name of the drug “Viagra” synthesized more than 20 years ago, pharmacists from Pfizer again flashed in the news reports 24ifarmacia.com/comprare-viagra.html American scientists found that the legendary potion, it is easy to return the joy of love even for those who have long parted with the hope of their return has, however, unpleasant side effect. It turned out that Viagra doubles risk of hearing loss from receiving the drug men. Continue reading ““Deafening love” – the famous drug “Viagra” can cause hearing loss”


Viagra is perhaps the most popular male medication, which is a real salvation for many men experiencing erection problems. About how to create Viagra, the similar levitra 20mg, what is its mechanism of action and much more you will learn in our article, where we tried to answer the most common questions about this drug. Continue reading “VIAGRA: ANSWERS TO THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS”

According to scientists, coffee should be drunk with sugar

Scientists refute the common misconception that coffee should be consumed without sugar. Spanish neuroscientists have conducted research, during which it was determined that for the normal functioning of the brain coffee should be drunk only with sugar. Studies conducted on 40 volunteers.

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Want to live longer, you get higher education

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin gained access to government data to rank counties in the United States on such health indicators as obesity, Smoking, physical inactivity, and premature death. As it turned out, the Americans in General are living longer, but for less educated people opened up their own statistics.

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8 home remedies sunburn

According to the results of new scientific research conducted by the Centers for Prevention and disease Control (CDC), 50.1% of adults received a sunburn at least once in the last 12 months. You probably know that in order to avoid sunburn, you should use sunscreen, wear clothing that covers all parts of the body from the sun and stay in the shade. But if you are not able to avoid excessive sun exposure, you can apply to old-fashioned folk remedies that you can easily find in your kitchen.

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When it comes to psychological impotence

There comes a time when the partner no matter how patient she was, too, begins to pay attention to the problem.

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Inevitably the self-esteem of men breaks through the psychological bottom, and after physiological impotence occurs of psychological.

What is the mechanism of the onset of impotence?

Long-term use of alcohol, studies show, causes negative changes in the prostate gland. Over time, due to prolonged exposure to alcohols ethanol cavernous bodies, which are located in the penis, lose the ability to engorge with blood. Accordingly, the authority is unable to reginout, and sexual intercourse can not be performed, impaired.

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Scientists predict that by 2030 year, 42% of Americans will be obese

Monday was released disappointing results of research conducted by scientists from Duke University. According to the data obtained, the number of Americans suffering from excess weight, is constantly growing. And if it continues, the 2030-th year from obesity of various degrees will suffer up to 42% of the population of the United States.

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