A total of nine hours of sleep will save You from obesity!

Scientists have found that prolonged sleep prevents a person to gain weight. This result is obtained Nathaniel Watson and his colleagues from the University of Washington and published in the Telegraph.

According to the authors of this study, nine hours of full sleep save from genetically determined obesity. The experiment involved more than a thousand pairs of twins. More weight and greater influence of genetic factors in the result, those who slept less than seven hours a day. But if the same person slept for nine hours or more, everything happened exactly the opposite.

Researchers have identified several genes that contribute to the development of obesity. They are influenced by sleep. These genes regulate the processes of energy metabolism of the organism: how much energy is formed from the fat as it is stored, how much food does a person need to saturate how quickly glucose is utilized in the body.

In earlier studies it was found that lack of sleep combined with sedentary lifestyle and overeating leads to greater risk of developing diabetes. In addition, people in middle age who sleep enough usually have problems with the pressure (developing hypertension). The lack of just one hour of sleep for 5 years increases the likelihood of pressure increase of 37%.

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