Our clinic is established in 2015. This is a multidisciplinary medical centre that includes a clinic, a multi-hospital – ambulance and ultra-modern cancer center.

We are proud of the latest equipment of the clinics, allowing for unique manipulation and diagnostic tests, such as MRI and CT. Our own laboratory carried out a wide range of research and analysis. In the clinic conducted a unique surgery, work medical and surgical hospitals.

The clinic provides patients detailed guarantees (evaluation criteria of quality of work) and is ready to meet its obligations.

For the safety and efficiency of patient treatment, we implement the principle “one patient – One physician”. The doctor-the curator (local therapist) coordinates the treatment prescribed by other specialists and takes part in treating their patients in the hospital. Thanks to a wide base of modern diagnostic and medical care according to international standards we possible to from the first visit to the doctor until the results of tests, examinations and doctor’s recommendations were not more than a day.