According to scientists, coffee should be drunk with sugar

Scientists refute the common misconception that coffee should be consumed without sugar. Spanish neuroscientists have conducted research, during which it was determined that for the normal functioning of the brain coffee should be drunk only with sugar. Studies conducted on 40 volunteers.

In the study, researchers determined that a combination of substances such as glucose and caffeine to boost the activity of brain areas that affect the concentration of human attention and memory. Drinking coffee with sugar helps a person to focus in those situations when he needs to use all the possibilities of his memory and attention (study, work, etc.). Drinking coffee without sugar will not bring such efficiency.

About the benefits of coffee with sugar already mentioned Spanish scientists. Then, studies have shown that sweet coffee provides muscle recovery after intensive training sessions. Scientists came to the conclusion that, as a hangover cure coffee is not the best assistant, as it enhances the effect of alcohol.

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