Erection – the most stable and at the same time the most vulnerable phenomenon of male sexuality. Complaints to the weakening or absence of erection is a in all statistics the first place, although lechitsa with kamagra. Erections protection from damaging factors of organic nature due to the reliance on the most ancient phylogenetic structures (spinal cord, paraspinal and preorganize… More →

8 home remedies sunburn

According to the results of new scientific research conducted by the Centers for Prevention and disease Control (CDC), 50.1% of adults received a sunburn at least once in the last 12 months. You probably know that in order to avoid sunburn, you should use sunscreen, wear clothing that covers all parts of the body from the sun and stay in… More →

The use of oxygen chambers: reliable products for the recovery

Barotherapy is carried out in many countries since the mid-twentieth century. On the territory of the United States, Japan, South Korea has long created high quality and functional oxygen chamber for oxygenation. This medical equipment is a bit like a submarine with a small window and a different specific effect on the human body. Especially attractive original chamber Japanese and… More →

Scientists have advanced understanding of Parkinson’s disease

In patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, with time, increase motor dysfunction. Scientists have been searching for the cause of the disease, but still are unable to fully unravel this mystery. They believe only that in the body of patients do not have enough dopamine. This adversely affects the basal ganglia, located under the cerebral cortex, its deep structures and nerve… More →