Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the implied random or periodic inability to achieve and maintain an erection for performing normal sexual intercourse. To treat this disease using cialis. It is necessary to distinguish erectile dysfunction from impotence. The term “impotence” doctors call the inability to commit a sexual act under any circumstances.

“Deafening love” – the famous drug “Viagra” can cause hearing loss

The name of the drug “Viagra” synthesized more than 20 years ago, pharmacists from Pfizer again flashed in the news reports American scientists found that the legendary potion, it is easy to return the joy of love even for those who have long parted with the hope of their return has, however, unpleasant side effect. It turned out that… More →

The variant gene in combination with fatty foods increases the pressure

Angiotenzinovymi enzyme (ACE) plays an important role in regulating blood pressure. As shown by a study involving twins, which was held under the leadership of the German Institute of dietetics (abbr. DIfE), when you eat fatty food, its blood level increases for 6 weeks. In addition, carriers of a particular gene responded to her increased blood pressure. Therefore, the identified… More →