Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the implied random or periodic inability to achieve and maintain an erection for performing normal sexual intercourse. To treat this disease using cialis. It is necessary to distinguish erectile dysfunction from impotence. The term “impotence” doctors call the inability to commit a sexual act under any circumstances.

From all sexual disorders erectile dysfunction occupies a leading position. It occurs more often, and age of men, which is a condition familiar not by hearsay, all younger. Doctors believe that more than 50% of all men 40 to 70 years suffer from erectile dysfunction, moreover, are increasingly encountered patients 20 years with the so-called “syndrome of the first meeting”.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

1. Organic. The most common, account for about 70% of all causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • inflammatory diseases of male genital organs (most often it is chronic prostatitis);
  • hormonal disorders (pathology of people with kidney stones, thyroid, testicles);
  • diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and their cause – atherosclerosis;
  • common diseases of severe nature (tuberculosis, pneumonia, anemia, etc.);
  • abuse of Smoking, alcohol, drugs;
  • prolonged intake of certain medications;
  • injuries and diseases of the spine;
  • epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis;
  • work in “hazardous work”;
  • completeness and low physical activity.

2. Psihonevrologicheskiy.

Normal sexual life interfere with of psychological especially men. Quite common insecurities and the youth – the fear of first intercourse. In addition, such reasons include depression, serious illness or death of relatives, threats of dismissal, etc.

3.Mixed reasons.

he diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction” is the men who noted the impossibility of maintain an erection or nevozmojnosti erection within 3 months.
For correct diagnosis must be carefully collected anamnesis. In addition, an important step is a complete examination of the patient. It includes inspection of the external genitalia, hormonal and biochemical blood tests, examination of the nervous system. Next carried out functional studies (uzdg vessels of the penis, monitoring nocturnal spontaneous erections etc.). If necessary, may appoint additional methods of research such as radioisotope and neurophysiological studies.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

ATTENTION! Self-medication of erectile dysfunction is unacceptable – it leads to severe complication until impotence. In addition, many drugs produce serious side effects, and help they are not for everyone (efficiency famous Viagra 70%).
Erectile dysfunction treatment should be complex. Should:
To abandon bad habits, to reduce weight.
– Taking medicines (on prescription!) – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and medication (suppository), which are injected directly into the urethra, or cavernous body of the penis (as an injection). Also used vacuum devices and penile prosthesis.
– Gives good results with psychotherapy.

When the above methods are ineffective, used surgical vascular surgery on the penis and endoprosthesis replacement of the penis.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction.

1. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: eliminate Smoking, alcohol and drugs.
2. Maintain a regular sex life without long abstinence and sexual excesses.
3. Do not take any medicines without consulting a doctor.
4. Consult a urologist if you have had surgery on the perineum or pelvis, if you are diagnosed with “diabetes” or “hypertension”.

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