Erection – the most stable and at the same time the most vulnerable phenomenon of male sexuality. Complaints to the weakening or absence of erection is a in all statistics the first place, although lechitsa with kamagra. Erections protection from damaging factors of organic nature due to the reliance on the most ancient phylogenetic structures (spinal cord, paraspinal and preorganize vegetative nodes, and plexus), and a significant degree of autonomy. Of all manifestations of male sexuality first, long before a libido, ejaculations and orgasm, are formed and revealed an erection, which is observed in boys already in infancy. Spontaneous and provoked local mechanical irritation erection are observed even in patients with complete transverse lesions of the spinal cord, located above the segments S2-S4, in which are localized the centres of erection. However, this erection are extremely sensitivity to any kind of traumatic stress that is determined by their control of the higher cerebral mechanisms of emotional reactions, and what an erection was mythologicals and fetishshemale1s most peoples, becoming a relic of the phallic cult in a kind of symbol of masculinity and manhood.

Significant differences in the architectonics of the cavernous bodies of the penis, on the one hand, and the spongy body of the urethra (in the relative content of muscle and elastic fibers, power tunica albuginea, the position of the muscle bundles and cavernous lacunas) make a distinction between the cavernous bodies of the penis (the corpora the corpora cavernosa penis) and paraurethral spongy body of the urethra (corpus spongiosum urethrae). These differences manifested themselves in the spongy body of the urethra and glans penis, even in the height of the erection, be less tense, which creates favorable conditions for passing of semen through the urethra and attaches to the glans penis as a buffer that prevents trauma to the female genital organs the front pointed ends of the corpora cavernosa.

Alone, in the absence of sexual stimulation, the arteries penis are in a state of medium contraction, supported tone biorganic ganglia. In situations of sexual arousal impulses from the cerebral levels, influencing ultimately the parasympathetic nn. erigentes, cause tonicheskie reduced artery of the penis expand and abundant wave of blood flows into the vascular network of cavernous bodies, filling and stretching them. In situations unfavorable for sexual manifestations, and after intercourse nerve impulses, by contrast, act on the sympathetic end of the path and through podkletnoe plexus influence the vasoconstrictors of the penis suppressing an erection.

Weakening of erection

It is desirable to avoid the term “impotence” because of its traumatic impact on patients. In the diagnosis of different clinical variants of the weakening of erections distinguish between spontaneous and situational adequate erection.

Spontaneous erections

occur regardless of rotiseria incentives and eroticise out of the situation (e.g., when waking up, which can contribute to overflow of the bladder, or under the influence of the vibrations when working on the dredger).


are influenced rotiseria influences, but in the absence of conditions for the implementation of intercourse (erotic reading descriptions, viewing pornographic images and videos, any woman in the environment, allowing hugs and kisses, but excluding the holding of intercourse).

Adequate erection

developing in the setting of complete privacy partners and after exposure sufficient for intercourse.

Weakening of erection may be due to disorder any of the four copulative subsystems (referred to in medical sexology components) – neurohumoral, psychological, erection and ejaculatory, but is more often seen in mental disorders and pathologies of the private office of the erections, especially when vascular disorders as well as spinal lesions in the sexological clinic rare. For differential diagnosis it is important to determine the presence and nature of dissociate between spontaneous, situational and adequate erections. Typical in this respect, a patient who can’t sleep due to heavy and painful erections, while in his bachelor flat, but once it hits the atmosphere, adequate for sexual act, erection weakens first, and after both partners undressed completely disappear.
Dissociation is often the result of a developed neurosis expectations of failure.

Vascular disorders identified on panelno-brachial index – the ratio of the magnitude of systolic blood pressure in the brachial artery to the pressure in the arteries of the penis (normal 0,65-1,0) with Doppler ultrasound of the arteries of the penis, as well as rheovasography (characterizing the state of the pulse blood filling of the penis).

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