Want to live longer, you get higher education

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin gained access to government data to rank counties in the United States on such health indicators as obesity, Smoking, physical inactivity, and premature death. As it turned out, the Americans in General are living longer, but for less educated people opened up their own statistics.

Decades it is known that there is a relationship between level of education and life expectancy, but the latest study, funded by the Robert wood Foundation, provides a detailed analysis of this linkage in more than 3,000 counties.

They even considered such factors as the number of fast-food restaurants in the area. The researchers noted that over time the relationship between higher education and longevity is strengthened. Premature mortality vary greatly by County, and the lack of higher education increased by about 35% between 2006 and 2008 (data for the latest years available). These figures are 30% higher than for the same period seven years ago.

Under premature mortality refers to death before 75 years of age, which is often preventable.

The study presents new evidence that life expectancy depends on the level of education. Higher education now is an important step on the path to good health and future earnings. However, the uneven level of education among the cities led to a very heterogeneous indicators of well-being.

In accordance with the received data, the increase in the length of higher education by one year leads to a 16% reduction in mortality up to the age of 75 years, said chief author and researcher of the Institute of population health at the University of Wisconsin Bridget Bousquet Kathleen.

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